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Bathmate Pump teahouses, etc., which are very prosperous, and then to the crossroads in all directions. From the future, the Li brothers and sisters of Yancheng went down the river to the southbound. They first looked for a noodle restaurant that looked clean and not expensive, and got off the bus. Li Jianan, who is a lon.g brother, took the initiative to stay and watch the car, brother. The younger sister went in to eat and warm up, and inquired about it. The business of the noodle restaurant is good, and it Bathmate Pump is not until lunch. There are customers coming in. In a short while, Li Fukang came out from the noodle restaurant. The hurried Bathmate Pump mouth was still hung with onions. Brother, the noodle Bathmate Pump restaurant is expensive, a bowl of Yangchun noodles, and only a lard of sesame seeds in the Bathmate Pump soup. Expensive, expensive. Li Jian an lips were slightly stunned by this price. It is no wonder that they came to Yancheng City Gate last year to find Lishan. Lishan Bathmate Pump did not take them to the city to eat. It was so expensive, and asked casually How Bathmate Pump is the Bathmate Pump taste Li Fukang complained a bit The taste is not as good as

the sister and the uncle Turned the head and smashed the name of the noodle restaurant the guest came again. It s expensive, stingy, and not good, he won t come again Li Jia wants to have a noodle restaurant in Yancheng, and also do Yangchun noodles. It is definitely better than this.noodle restaurant. Bathmate Pump The business is definitely very popular. Li Bathmate Pump Jianan said Then I don t eat noodles. I see someone coming Bathmate Pump out from the inside and holding a cake to eat. I buy a cake to eat. Li Fukang said The cake is also expensive. A big cake with Bathmate Pump a Bathmate Pump face, nothing in it, but also four copper coins. So expensive Li Jianan said It is no wonder that our family s tofu pills for male enhancement is sold so well penis growth pills that work in invigorise male enhancement Yancheng. It turned out to be too cheap. Li Yinghua came out from the noodle restaurant and smiled Bathmate Pump and said Big brother, my sister asked you for a Bathmate Pump bowl of noodles. The second child will male enhancement big bang 1500 be able to come up immediately. You will go in and eat. The face is so expensive, don t eat it. Li Yinghua still smiled My sister knows that you will say this, let me tell you that it is too cold, eat penis supplements a bowl of noodles and drink soup,

Bathmate Pump

and it is not easy to get typhoid fever. Come in. Li Jianan was afraid of typhoid fever, and this went in. Li Fukang did not complain enough, and then complained with Li Yinghua, and said that the price of tofu should Bathmate Pump be raised. Li Yinghua couldn t help but sa.y I said the second brother, do you know that the noodle restaurant in the town is cheaper than the county town, and the county town is Bathmate Pump cheaper than Bathmate Pump Yancheng What House prices, labor. Bathmate Pump Just now my sister asked me to go Bathmate Pump to the shopkeeper of the noodle shop to inquire. The one year rent in the noodle restaurant Bathmate Pump actually has thirty two dollars. Li Yinghua said with Bathmate Pump amazement The rent is so expensive This noodle restaurant is located in the south of Yancheng, not in the main street. The noodle restaurant is on the first floor. The top of the lobby is 30 square meters. There are ten eight six tables in the lobby. The back of the lobby is a six square meter kitchen and a three square meter storage room. Li Yinghua said Of course. This noodle restaurant is on the street, worth more than three hundred and two silver. So valuable

. There is also labor, a cook, a second child, a month of washing and mixing, and a month or two of money. Li Fukang was taken Bathmate Pump aback again. skyrim male enhancement mods You will definitely ask why the shopkeeper is not going to the village outside the city to labor. I just asked the kangaroo male enhancement whole sale shopkeeper. He said that he would hire someone in Yancheng to do any business. He does not know the people in the village outside penetrex natural male enhancement pills the city. Products, do Bathmate Pump not dare to Bathmate Pump seek cheap employment. Li Fukang said The rent, the labor Bathmate Pump are expensive, and the Bathmate Pump business tax. No wonder this restaurant is so expensive to eat and sell. If you sell expensive, you will earn, or the treasurer will drink the northwest wind. Do you make a lot of money Bathmate Pump in the shopkeeper The shopkeeper said that a small business, you will earn a living money, to say that making money or surgical penis enhancement renting a house to his homeowner, the homeowner can get three or two silver rents every month without any effort. Li Fukang looked forward to the road Bathmate Pump If our family can rent out in Yancheng, it would be top male enhancment fine. 234 kinds of vegetables that have never appeared befor