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Cum Pills loud noise at the door. Secretary Wang looked at the sound and was shocked. What are you doing with me I have an appointment Miss Qian said as she pushed the front desk trying to Cum Pills block aside and pushed the door of the office. Ms. Qian s tone is very rude Zhao Hezhi, it Cum Pills s too difficult to see you The young girl at the front desk followed, and she was crying when she was in a hurry. Secretary Wang quickly we.nt over Miss Qian, what are you doing Yu Wanwan at the other end Cum Pills heard a slightly sharp female Cum Pills voice over there, busy saying Zhao Zong, then you should be busy first, I will hang up first. Zhao Hezhi said Okay. See you on the day of dinner. Okay, bye. The phone hangs up. Zhao Hezhi s face was cold when he was cold. He got up from his chair, and he was always wearing a layer of frost on his gentle face, and went to the still entangled money lady. Yu Wanwan, who finally hangs up the phone, is sigh of relief and has already begun to worry about the atmosphere of the meal on Monday. Who told her to owe her favor At this time, the mobile phone came in again with a WeChat. It was Cum Pills sent by Zhuang Yan. Can you send me a photo taken today Yu Wanwan entered the class group and turned

it over for a long time before the two photos that were bathmate vs drowned in the best mens supplement chat record were saved. She couldn t help but open it first and Cum Pills then zoomed in Cum Pills on the photo. In Cum Pills the photo, she smiled and looked at the camera. Zhuang Yan stood beside her, her right hand took her shoulder, and s.he smiled lightly. This is the best photo she took. Unexpectedly, the expression is not as stiff as usual, it looks natural, and the laugh is natural. Next to Cum Pills the Zhuang Yan white black pants, the body is thin and straight, as always, out of the face, there is such a face, casually how to shoot will not be ugly, the faint smile on his face makes him look completely indifferent as usual. Yu Wanwan s line of sight fell on his hand on his shoulder, and natural supplements for brain health his face was a little hot. She sent one of them to Zhuang cianix male enhancement Yan. Then press the phone, pull the door and walk out of the box. Zhuang Yan points to the photo that Yu Wanwan sent, first zoomed in for a while, and saw a bright face in the photo, and he couldn t help but smile. This is the male enhancement libido first photo of him and Yu Cum Pills Wanwan. There was no inconvenience in the middle, he stood with her, she was laughing, he was laughing, Cum Pills intimate. After watching it for a while, h

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e started to separate him and Yu Wanwan separately, set it into the desktop screensaver of the mobile phone, Cum Pills and all the background images. Zhuang Yan staye.d in the studio for so many days and finally returned to Cum Pills the dormitory. Immediately surrounded by roommates who were deeply rumored. Zhuang Yan, you are not going to clarify a few words about the recent rumors about Yangmei Zhao Minjie asked. What rumors Zhuang Yan s understatement did not seem to care. What rumors are still You have been hiding in the studio for a few days. We are almost annoyed by Cum Pills the group of sisters. Zhang Cum Pills Sibao complained. Zhou Wen handed the phone directly and asked Is this the person above you Zhuang Yan took a look, slightly stunned. It was the door of the student apartment that day, he was drunk, and Yu Wanwan drove him. In the photo, he was bending over, and Yu Wanwan s hand came out of the window and placed it on top of his head. Yeah. It s me. Zhuang Yan said, then suddenly smiled and said, Give me this photo. Zhou Wen was stunned. What is this reaction How did the rumors in the school pass Zhuang Yan suddenly Cum Pills asked with interest. Uh This reaction is a little bit unexpected. The three men took

a look. Zhao Minjie said In t.he beginning, it was said that you have a girlfriend. Many sisters Cum Pills and sisters are running around to ask. hong kong global biotech male enhancement We have clarified that you have no girlfriend. As a result, this picture suddenly spreads in the school, and the rumors are slow. Slowly changed the taste, said He paused and looked at Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen pushed the consumer reviews for epic male enhancement side effects glasses and said You said that you best sex pill for man were covered by a rich woman. Cum Pills Zhuang Yan Cum Pills smirked with an where to buy best male enhancement pills on the market unclear meaning. Zhang Sibao immediately said We absolutely believe in you A lot of the news we have here is given to us. How is it possible Although Zhuang Yan s family became a mystery, there have been rumors Cum Pills in the school that his Cum Pills parents died as an orphan, and someone was sponsoring his university. In fact, a enhancing supplement long time ago, some people have maliciously guessed that Zhuang Yan was fostered by rich women. Zhuang Yan s style is low key, and his family has always been a mystery. He was smashed, saying that his shirt is a custom made model of a first line brand, one tens of thousands, and later because they bought a dormitory T shirt with four.people on Taobao, wearing a swaying city, causing people to think His previous shirt Cum Pills was also high