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Increase Semen Production the open space next to the Yancheng Gate, there were buzzing sounds from several temporary wooden sheds. Hundreds of men who built the city walls were sleeping on the Datong shop in the stupid wooden shed. The work during the day was very heavy, and they Increase Semen Production were exhausted and exhausted. Even if they Increase Semen Production were thundering outside, Increase Semen Production they could not hear. Dawn, the rushing snoring sounded inside the wooden shed, and the fat supervisor who was slamming and slamming shouted loudly toward the still sleeping man Get up Increase Semen Production Increase Semen Production and work The heavy work of building a city wall o.n the new day has begun again. Li Shan and Li Shi brothers climbed together with everyone. Big brother wears a hard hat. Li Shi put the vine hat made by the prostitute s newbie to Li Shan as usual, and then touched his belly with his hands. The whispered I am Increase Semen Production so hungry. Li Shan looked at the stupid cousin calmly and softly said We work first, we can have breakfast for one hour. Li Shi bowed his head and said, The breakfast is not enough to eat, not enough. Forbearance, and in a few months, we will be able to eat when Increase Semen Production we go home. Li Shan wanted to tell the stupid cousin several times, do not work hard, so that the physical s

trength of consumption is easy to be hungry, but often see silly The cousin is as pure as Increase Semen Production a child Increase Semen Production s gaze, and he can t say it. The two brothers wore hard hats to follow the people to work, and they led a group of growth penis pills people to laugh. A pot at the top of the Increase Semen Production head, is it hot and not tired Li Shi is a fool, Li Shan is also stupid with his brother Everyone goes to work, do it well, natural home remedies for male enhancement eat hoes for a while The fat supervisor stood Increase Semen Production in a high pla.ce and shouted super size pills a scorpion. His eyes fell on the hard hats of the Increase Semen Production two brothers. He couldn t help but laugh out, and said It s really two fools. A young man named Zhao Hu, who is tall and thin like a bamboo raft, carries a large stone with a large plate, panting on a simple staircase without handrails, suddenly stepping on the air, the ghosts make the hands of the gods loose, the stone is from Rolling down on the back. The stone Increase Semen Production with a large plate has a hundred kilograms, and it has been smashed down from the air of up to three feet, just on the pile of stones piled penetrex male enhancement reviews on the ground. With a bang, the large stone of this disc was broken into countless pieces, and the wild sexx stones in it were crushed, and large and small gravels Increase Semen Production splashed around. A group of

Increase Semen Production

people just stood next to the pile of stones and prepared to pick stones to the back of the city wall. There were more than a dozen people who Increase Semen Production were Increase Semen Production splashed in the gravel. Two of them were smashed in their heads. The blood flow on the spot not only fainted directly. what Help It hurts me More than a dozen injured.people made screams of big and small, and the whole scene was mixed. Li Shan stood on the wall and saw the stupid cousin standing in the middle of the scene of the accident. Wow, crying, scared and shouted Stone Anxiously shouted the stupid cousin s nickname. Big brother, Increase Semen Production hey, I was hit by a stone in my head, hey, this stone. Li Shi was so scared that he cried and kicked his head and smashed his head to the ground. The culprit was the big stone of the pear. Li Shan ran down and stared at Li Increase Semen Production Shi s helmet. He asked with great concern Do Increase Semen Production you have a headache No pain, oh, my head was shocked when the stone hit the helmet. Li Shi was tearful, and both hands touched the left and touched his head. It didn t hurt, Increase Semen Production so he didn t cry. Li Shan was busy Come off the helmet and Increase Semen Production see if there is any bleeding. Li Shi rocked like a rattle. This is a job site that can t pick a hel

met. If you want to listen to it, you have to listen to it. Li Shan carefully licked Li Shi s helmet and saw that there was a left head in the left head, and then looked down at the big pear Increase Semen Production If the stone was directly on Increase Semen Production the person s head, it would definitely bring out a blood Increase Semen Production hole. After a while, I was so florida male enhancement scared that I hardazan quickly took him and walked quickly to the distance. Li Shi visually measured that the construction site was twenty feet best pills to increase sperm count away from the pomegranate juice help male enhancement city wall. This took the helmet off. Increase Semen Production If you hurt, just talk. Li Shan looked at Li Shi s big head, no bleeding, Increase Semen Production and touched his head again. Li Shi s lips are closed, squinting like a puppy, enjoying male enhancement pills ratings Li Shan s Increase Semen Production head. Second brother, you have no