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Sex Enhancement Pills a lingered on in the darkness of the Middle Ages. The reform of law Sex Enhancement Pills and justice was the next great need. Catherine eagerly devoured the writings of such reformers Sex Enhancement Pills as Montesquieu and Beccaria, and in 1767 she issued an instruction which was so liberal that it was not Sex Enhancement Pills permitted to Sex Enhancement Pills appear in French. Sex Enhancement Pills It abounds in humane reflections which illustrate the soundness of her attitude as a ruler in her earlier years. The laws must see that th.e serfs are not left to themselves in their old age and illness, she said and The people are not created for us, but we for the people. She laid it down, vaguely, that the rich must not oppress the poor, and every man must have food and clothing according to his condition. There were even echoes of the new French words, liberty Sex Enhancement Pills and equality. The torture of witnesses was described as a barbaric practice. Sentence of death must be imposed only in the case of political offenders. Little came of her large scheme of reform. A Legislative Assembly, drawn from all ranks of the people, met in Sex Enhancement Pills 1767 to give definite shape to her ideals, but its two hundred sittings ended in futile disagreement.

No one wished to better the condition cuscuta male enhancement and size of the serfs at the expense of the landowners, and Catherine partly undid with one hand what she did for them Sex Enhancement Pills Sex Enhancement Pills with the other. The serfs of the ecclesiastical estates, which she secularised, were Sex Enhancement Pills set on the way to freedom, and Catherine theoretically wanted to see the end of a virtual slavery which was inconsistent with her philosophy.. But she herself gave enormous estates, with tens of thousands vigrx plus where to buy of serfs, to her favourites, and she knew that human beings who were transferred male enhancement dallas tx like cattle were treated like cattle. In her reign the Countess Daria Saltykoff had to be biosource labs imprisoned for barbarously causing the death of a hundred and thirty eight of her serfs. They were still bought and sold as blacks were in America, and Sex Enhancement Pills their proprietors could for slight causes send them to Siberia. The male enhancement in spanish great Sex Enhancement Pills mass of the Russian people lived in this state of degradation. Catherine II Catherine s strong will nearly always failed before an internal problem of this kind. The nobles triumphed, and Russia remained in darkness and chains. In her later years, when her early benevolent despotism had given Sex Enhancement Pills

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place to a fierce hatred of democracy, she persuaded herself that her people were better off than most of the peoples of Europe. She clung, however, Sex Enhancement Pills to other parts of her programme of reform. Few were knouted, and no other torture Sex Enhancement Pills was permitted in her reign and she boasted that she never signed a sentence of de.ath. Men were, nevertheless, put to death, as we shall see and it was commonly said that the secret police were merely replaced by her mysterious official, Tchechkoffski, who suavely invited suspected folk to his house. It Sex Enhancement Pills was believed that the chair on which his visitor sat sank below the floor, leaving only the man s face invisible to Sex Enhancement Pills the Sex Enhancement Pills servants in the room below who applied torture to his limbs. While Catherine pursued these and other designs of reform, which we will consider later, her prodigality toward her Sex Enhancement Pills favourites caused much murmuring, and to this grievance she added the costly burden of war. It is clear that in her early years she trusted to remain at peace, and had no thought of the enlargement of the country. But the greed of Frederick the Great now turned upon the decaying kingdom of Poland

, and, to obtain his large share, he had to invite the participation Sex Enhancement Pills of Russia in the plunder. Catherine, we saw, had hated Frederick, her husband s idol. It is said Sex Enhancement Pills that amongst her husband s papers she found Sex Enhancement Pills a letter in which Frederick spoke flatte.ringly of Sex Enhancement Pills her, and she began to turn to him. She Sex Enhancement Pills did, at all events, change topical ointment for enhancement male amazon prosolution reviews her attitude, and share with him in the historic best rated male enhancement product Sex Enhancement Pills crime which is known as the partition does penis pump work of Poland. She joined Frederick in imposing upon the Poles Sex Enhancement Pills her old diy male enhancement Sex Enhancement Pills lover, Poniatovski, and her armies went to the support of his rule against the rebellion which followed. France and Austria were now opposed to Russia and Prussia, and France resorted to the familiar stratagem of inciting Turkey to attack